MORTUALIA "Blood Of The Hermit" CD

MORTUALIA "Blood Of The Hermit" CD
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    From the bountiful black metal genius of Horna/Sargeist mastermind Shatraug comes MORTUALIA, arguably the man’s most mysterious project. MORTUALIA's super-obscure self-titled debut from 2007 was unearthed by MORIBUND four years later and soon was hailed as some of the most desolate, soul-draining black metal to be committed to tape in recent years. Now, MORIBUND unearths the band's rare second album, “Blood of the Hermit“, whose miserable and hypnotic climes will once again ruin everyone's day!

    “An album not to be missed” – From the Dust Returned webzine [9.5/10 rating]
    “Highly recommended” – [4/5 rating]
    “Perfect” – Absolute Zero Media webzine
    “Something truly amazing” –

    * Genius solo project of HORNA / SARGEIST mastermind Shatraug!
    * Rare + long out of print second album re-issue!
    * Recorded at Boneyard Studios (Sargeist, Horna, Baptism)!
    * Hermetic cover art sure to attract any Metal fan.
    * A Masterpiece of depressive, suicidal Doom-Black Metal!
    * Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Happy Days, Vardan, Thergothon, Shining and Silencer.

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