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ANTI-R Logo Embroidered Patch
Code: PATCH018
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(Grey + Metallic Silver)
Code: KP029
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Label: Krucyator Productions
Nation: USA
Style: Black / Death Metal
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US based Black / Death WAR Metal!!
Code: BS23
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After more than 4 years, the debut album is finally here! The artists are identical to those of "Forbidden Eye". Dirty, Black 'n' Roll, spiked with toxic Black Metal riffs and plodding Doom passages. Varied, blasphemous rites. Short but fierce! Limited to 500 pieces.
ANTIPOPE "Apostle of Infinite Joy" CD
Code: Frtl67001
Price: $10.99
Label: Fertile Crescent
Nation: Finland
Style: Heavy Metal / Death Metal / Black Metal / Thrash Metal / Gothic / Melodic Heavy Metal / Progressive Metal
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“Apostle of Infinite Joy”, Antipope's 5th full-length recording, contains 8 full-bodied tracks of moody, yet straightforward heavy metal in the vein of early 1990’s Scandinavian dark musicianship. Antipope effectively sweeps progressive rhythms wrapped in gothic doom towards the aggressive edges of black and death metal, making for delighted fans of all heavy metal genres. “Apostle of Infinite Joy” is loaded with gothic shade coherently balanced within traditional metal elements!

Antipope are also well known for their unique and independently produced music videos, the most recent has gained 2.3K views in only 4 months! Recently unveiled were several teasers for the upcoming release. Brief and mysterious, we left eagerly awaiting what is to come from Antipope. With multiple video’s set to premiere in January and February 2020, Finland’s Antipope are destined for greatness!

* Mandatory for fans of Opeth, Dream Theater, Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Battlelore, Dark Tranquility, & Sentenced !!!

Track Listing:
1. Harbinger of Dawn
2. Natural Born Heretic
3. Intoxicating Darkness
4. Apostle of Infinite Joy
5. Red Goddess
6. Venereal Ritual for Dispersion and Reintegration of the Soul
7. Serpent of Old
8. 0=2

Code: SAP409
Price: $10.99
Label: Soundage Prod.
Nation: Portugal
Style: Experimental Black Metal
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7th Full length album from the Portuguese Experimental Black Metal band. Showcases electronic interludes and a Radio Macau cover.
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM "In Pulverem Reverteris" Digi MCD
Code: ER50
Price: $7.99
Label: Elegy Records
Nation: Portugal
Style: Pagan Black Metal
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Portuguese one-man-band. Unique black metal, ambiance and symphonic music nailed with pagan overtone. This is a repressing of the original demo tape- A melodic lure of primal incantations!
ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM "Recovering The Throne (Tribute Album)" CD
Code: PTCD14
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Tribute album 15 tracks for 55 minutes playing from this old Portuguese band

1. Manitou (Venom cover)
2. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)
3. Skeletons Of Society (Slayer cover)
4. Futuro Nuclear (Psycoma cover)
5. Sententious Despicable (The Invertebrate cover)
6. Philosophy Of Negativity (Mordaça cover)
7. Prelude (Manowar cover)
8. F. M. I. (Ratos De Porão cover)
9. Era De Noite E Levaram (Zeca Afonso cover)
10. Quando Eu Morrer (Xutos & Pontapés cover)
11. The Dark (Metal Church cover)
12. I Hate (Overkill cover)
13. Possessed (By Satan) (Gorgoroth cover)
14. Beholding The Daughters Of The Firmament (Burzum cover)
15. I En Svart Kiste (Satyricon cover)

ANU "Opus Funaerum" CD
Code: GSR030
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After 9 obscured years, the spirit that is ANU has awakened! New full length. Cold U.S. Black Metal.
Code: Mag33
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Pro-printed color mag 80pg. w/ Free Sampler CD New mag featuring Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Horned God, Macabre + tons more.
Code: Mag39
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New Issue featuring Atrocity, Slayer, Entombed, Vader, The Amanta, Nocturnal + more
ANVIL STRYKEZ "Anvil Strykez" CD
Code: WFC001a
Price: $9.99
Label: Wolf Force Corporation
Nation: Finland
Style: Synthwave
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A new, mysterious entity circling the earth's orbit on a secret space station, WOLF FORCE CORPORATION is proud to present ANVIL STRYKEZ shockingly masterful debut album, Anvil Strykez. Hailing from Finland, the one-man ANVIL STRKEZ is a deep, densely layered study in retro futurism, equally inspired by '80s dystopian landscapes and Aviator-shaded sunsets. Although employing many of the same blips 'n' bleeps of those currently riding the synthwave bandwagon, Anvil Strykez encompasses a far wider palette of sonic possibility. Each colorfully titled song (among them: "Neon Streets," "Night Blades," "High Speed Cyborgs," "Voyager and the Birth of Time") paints a perfect portrait of its subject, and each one is uniquely distinct in its aims. Tempos can speed through the night like an 8-bit excite bike or languor like fog on a suspiciously quiet downtown dock; textures mostly twist through stained-glass synth instrumentation, but vocals and even dramatic narration can come into play, advancing the musical narrative; and despite its synthetic composition, the entirety of the album is full-bodied and driving whilst rendered in the most Technicolor tones. At seven songs in 43 minutes, ANVIL STRYKEZ' first strike creates a world unto itself, and one that invites repeated exploration and out-of-body mainlining. Highly recommended for fans of synthwave kings Perturbator, Kavinsky, Carpenter Brut, and GosT to cinematic countrymen Nightsatan, College, Cliff Martinez (Drive and The Neon Demon), and the master himself, John Carpenter. Now, behold a new name to add to this hallowed company: ANVIL STRYKEZ!
ANWYNN "Voices Of Perdition" CD
Code: LIGHT001
Price: $10.99
Label: Drakkar / Unlight
Nation: France
Style: Black Metal
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Raw French Black Metal on Drakkar/Unlight.
Code: BPR063
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Label: Black Plague Productions
Nation: Hungary
Style: Black Metal
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Cold, archaic black metal from Hungary. From the band's Bandcamp page: Aornos is a noetic BM band, formed in Hungary by Algras. The inspiration is given and eternal: the dark projection of Existence, endless Nature, Cosmos and the attemt to passing the ordinary, human, all too human things...
APHOOM ZHAH "Symbol of New Aeon" CD
Code: PS21
Price: $10.99
Label: Possession Productions
Nation: Belarus
Style: Satanic Black Metal
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Debut full-length CD of dead Black Metal band APHOOM ZHAH. All songs created between 2001 and 2002 and re-recorded in the cold winter of 2005. Deadly eerie cold call from the dark past. 8-pages booklet with Satanic lyrics. Real Satanic Thrashing Black Metal.
Code: APH001
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Debut release.
Code: APH002
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Second mini release.
Code: HELLS252
Price: $9.99
Label: Hells Headbangers
Nation: Brazil
Style: Black / Death / Thrash
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APOKALYPTIC RAIDS' highly anticipated fifth album, The Pentagram, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

A veritable underground institution, APOKALYPTIC RAIDS have become a hallowed name among diehards the world over for one simple-but-special fact: they started as an unapologetic Hellhammer-worship band (and very early Celtic Frost, too) but have transcended their obvious influences into something that actually adds to that legendary canon rather than merely ripping it off. And, as of this year, they've been gloriously succeeding for 20 years now.

Although these Brazilian bastards have released a half-dozen EPs the last five years, it's been a far-too-long eight years since the last APOKALYPTIC RAIDS album, Vol. 4 - Phonocopia, so to say that The Pentagram is long overdue is quite the understatement. And of course, they DELIVER, which is not surprising given that they've gone back to the classic 2004-2007 lineup of Leon Manssur "Necromaniac" on guitars and vocals, Vinicius Canabarro "Hellpreacher" on the bass, and Pedro Moraes Rocha "Skullkrusher" on the drums.

"The last 10 years have been a blast here," explains Manssur. "We did extensive touring -Brazil three times, Europe twice, South America also twice, many one-off gigs - yet we stayed behind in renewing our discography. Don't get me wrong - composition went on frantically. We took notes and demoed many ideas. Sincerely, this album is just a (new) beginning, and the next one is already on the make..."

Adorned with characteristically iconic artwork courtesy of close comrade Umberto, The Pentagram is indeed a new beginning, but one that reverently adheres to APOKALYPTIC RAIDS' iron-clad past. Perhaps not surprisingly, the album's compositions span a good decade and a half - "There are songs from last year, and there are songs that were composed 10+ years ago," Manssur reveals - but as always, it sounds 666% like APOKALYPTIC RAIDS. Tons of galloping hard-chargers, lots of dirtiness, more metal attitude than is healthy, and even a moody epic in closer "The Story of Pope Joan": no fucking sellout, and no quarter given.

Lastly, there are the lyrics to The Pentagram. Concludes Manssur, "Fenriz [Darkthrone etc] once wrote we were doing more personal lyrics. And that is true, given we are old metalheads full of shit, except that we don't want to get stuck there and to preach too much. So, on this album, you will find statement after statement of 'upward' feelings - the words 'victory' and 'triumph' are recurring. Not that it could ever spoil the anger! Strange in a Hellhammer-worshiping band? Maybe, maybe not. And I love/hate playing a nameless style. It is and it is not black, death, heavy, speed, thrash, etc. It's HELL. It's HELL Music. Find that out, love it or hate it - danger is a good part of the fun."

APOLION "Death Grows Into Sperm" CD
Code: BTP002
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Decadent grim Black Metal from Italy for fans of Darkthrone, Armagedda, Pest, Craft, Tsjuder and Khold!
Code: LWAY024
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Grim and Satanic BM from Italy 2 demos from 1995 & 1997 finally on CD with gate-fold booklet.
APOSTOLUM "Anedonia" Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Code: DEAD83LS
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Longsleeve T-shirt. Album cover front in white/grey. Back "Suffocating Suffering!" text in grey. Band Logo on right sleeve, Moribund "Cold, Grim, Evil" Motto left sleeve.