GRISATRE "Paroxystique" Digi CD

GRISATRE "Paroxystique" Digi CD
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    Price: $11.99
    Label: Dusktone
    Nation: France
    Style: Atmospheric Black Metal
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    The title of the third long awaited album of Grisâtre. Expect a even more obscure and somber tunnel of your inner consciousness. Rokkr pieced together an album that is as reflective as it is mesmerizing. This is unsettling, punishing sound that revels in its own abstraction, yet every clank is so meticulously placed, every screech of feedback so pointed that at times you forget the layers of distortion and fog altogether. Grisâtre produces a music aiming at the call of the feelings which take to the reflexion, to the discovery of an unconscious occult knowledge, it’s also a personal representation of visions, perceptions. A vision Artistically metaphysical.. Grisâtre is an idea (Conceptually).