XASTHUR "To Violate The Oblivious" Gatefold 2xLP

XASTHUR "To Violate The Oblivious" Gatefold  2xLP
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    Label: Back on Black / Moribund
    Nation: USA
    Style: DSBM / Black Metal
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    VERY LIMITED!!! We only have 5 copies of this deluce Gatefold LP Re-issue!

    The brilliantly dark, 2004 LP from Xasthur! Xasthur is the project of American musician Scott "Malefic" Conner. Conner formed Xasthur in 1995 and released eight studio albums of black metal by 2010, when he announced the end of the project. SIDE A 1. Intro 2. Xastur Within 3. Dreams Blacker Than Death SIDE B 4. Screaming At Forgotten Fears 5. Consumed By A Dark Paranoia 6. Marked By Shadows SIDE C 7. Apparitional Void Of Failure 8. A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors 9. Walker Of Dissonant Worlds SIDE D 10. Reflecting Hateful Energy 11. At The Pagan Samhain

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