HORNA "Aäniä Yössä" CD

HORNA "Aäniä Yössä" CD
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    The grand-masters of Finnish Black Metal! With trance-inducing black magic, scene legends HORNA unleash their strongest statement yet amongst a deep, celebrated catalog. Three tracks of gnarly filth closing with the epic 22-minute title track, the virtual sound of Hell slowly swallowing you whole – cold as death, hypnotic as the fog!

    "A pulsing, pitch-black mainline of the most potent junk ill-begotten money can buy." - METAL MANIACS

    “Grimmer than the fairy tale brothers and blacker than the Million Man March, ‘Ääniä Yössä’ is the kind of howling Satanic whirlwind that would scare the shit out of the TV from Poltergeist.” - REVOLVER