DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Extermination Revelry" CD

DRAWN AND QUARTERED "Extermination Revelry" CD
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    Dark & Brutal Anti-christian Death Metal. The anticipated follow-up to "To Kill Is Human" is finally unleashed. Showcasing leaps and bounds in song-writing as well as a massive descent towards the dark, D&Q have produced a Brooding Death Metal Masterpiece comparable in caliber to Morbid Angel?s "Altars" or early Incantation! A magnum opus filled with fluid guitar solo's, stellar rhythms, pummeling, technical drumming, and brutal vocals combine to create on of the strongest Death Metal records in ages! creepiness not unlike Incantation hypothetically covering 'Altars of Madness'.- TERRORIZER "Hands down, one of the best Death Metal albums of the year! 666 out of 5"- PIT