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Summoned By Shadows




PURCHASE "Black Sun Shall Rise" CD!!!

PURCHASE "Black Sun Shall Rise" Digipak CD!!!

PURCHASE "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" CD!!

PURCHASE "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" Digipak CD!!!


"Summoned By Shadows + Bonus" CD

Wind Of The Black Mountains, one of the 5 founding fathers of US Black Metal (alongside Judas Iscariot, Profanatica, GBK & Masochist), returns with a new release!

18 years after their last album, Tchort rises from the grave in order to deliver a post-mortem blow of True Antichrist US Black Metal to a scene gone soft and sanctimonious. Founded in 1992, WOTBM began as a side project to Tchorts main band, Masochist, shortly becoming a force of its own. Through WOTBM, Tchort evoked true black metal, force-fed with unique and blasphemous atmosphere, utilizing acoustic guitars, violin, keyboard, eerie vocals, effects and interludes, injecting new blood and sound into the heart of Black Metal! Both brutal and ethereal, WOTBM changed the face of black metal with their 1996, debut “Sing Though Unholy Servants”, utilizing female vocals and a myriad of instruments, all without dampening the band’s sound. In fact, these accoutrements added to the sinister under-tone of their encompassing style.

With 2002’s "Black Sun Shall Rise", WOTBM again broke all pre-conceptions of Black Metal, delivering a much more barbaric & bestial sound, which saw Tchort returning to his root writing style, ala the Legendary Masochist. “BSSR” soon became a milestone in early USBM history and remains a mandatory album in all metal collections! In 2006, Tchort’s life was cut short; however, death can stop the Devil, even from behind the 7-gates of Hell! Tchort now haunts us all with "Summoned By Shadows”, 4 remarkable unreleased tracks he recorded just prior to his untimely demise. Mixing was completed by long-time drummer Nybras, with help from prior Masochist band-mate and Summon leader, Xasphan. Moribund Records is now proud to unleash these tracks with additional bonus songs from the bands rare, self-titled second demo, the cult classic “Forcefed into Blasphemy” 7”EP, as well as several unreleased bonus tracks from the vast Moribund archives!

“Summoned…” sees Tchort perfectly combining the atmospheric sound pioneered on “STUS” with the more brutal sounding “BSSR”, showcasing his remarkable ability in Satanic song craft! While Tchort passed in 2006, thou shall not mourn, for he left us with this final musical legacy, “Summoned By Shadows”, so he may rise from the embers!


* Highly anticipated “Posthumous” release from one of the 5 original founders of US Black Metal !!!

* Features tons of bonus material including unreleased tracks, rare 7”EP, Demo material and cover track!

* WOTBM 1st new album in 18 years !!!

* Well renowned band led by the founding member of USBM legend MASOCHIST.

* Cult cover art & layout by The Old Goat (Xasthur, Vardan, Morbus666, Waxen).

* Brutal AND Atmospheric Black Metal with eerie interludes and superb song writing.

* Mandatory for fans of Profanatica, GBK, Masochist, Judas Iscariot, Demoncy & Absu !!!

Track Listing:

1. Intro 1:29
2. Rise from Embers 3:46
3. Summoned by Shadows 4:29
4. Bring Forth Demonic Torture 4:41
5. Midtro 1:24
6. Bleed for thy Sins 5:48
7. Outro 2:45
8. Tchort Back Masking 1 [Unreleased Sing Thou Sessions] 3:21
9. Mistress of Deception (O.B.I.T.C.) Part 2 [Unreleased Sing Thou Sessions] 4:18
10. Tchort Back Masking 2 [Unreleased Sing Thou Sessions] 3:30
11. Forcefed Intro [Unreleased Sing Thou Sessions] 2:14
12. Force Fed into Blasphemy Pt.2 [Unreleased Sing Thou Sessions] 3:17
13. Tchort Back Masking 3 [Unreleased Sing Thou Sessions] 3:46
14. Beautiful Sorrow [Sing Thou Alt. mix] 2:47
15. Thou Shall Not Mourn part.2 [Sing Thou Alt. mix] 2:24
16. Hail Sathanas [Beherit cover] 2:33
17. Force Fed into Blasphemy [7”ep Mix] 06:14
18. The Rite of Darkness (Bathory cover) [7”ep Mix] 03:26
19. Intro - Wind of the Black Mountains [Demo] 0:41
20. The Shadow (Hill of the Horned Goat) [Demo] 6:14
21. The Rite of Darkness (Bathory cover) [Demo] 3:22
22. Thou Shall Not Mourn Part 2 [Demo] 2:24
23. Outro [Demo] 0:57
Total = 75 Min

Track Notes:

Tracks 1-7 -From the "Summoned By Shadows" Sessions 2005-2006
Tracks 8-13 -Unreleased Studio Tracks from the “Sing Thou Unholy Servants” Studio Sessions 1995-1996
Tracks 14-15 -Rough Mix tracks from the “Sing Thou Unholy Servants" Studio Sessions 1995-1996
Tracks 16 -From “Beyond The Gate Of Nanna - A Tribute To Beherit” Compilation 2002
Tracks 17-18 -From the “Force Fed into Blasphemy” 7”EP 1994
Tracks 19-23 -From the “Wind of the Black Mountains” Demo 1993