HAPPY DAYS / KANASHIMI "The Great Depression II" Split CD

HAPPY DAYS / KANASHIMI "The Great Depression II" Split CD
    Code: ZDR024
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Zero Dimensional
    Nation: USA
    Style: Depressive Black Metal
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    The Kanashimi and Happy Days songs were recorded under extreme conditions. And within the music lies a bitter truth from within my mind that even I refuse to understand. This split is dedicated to all the people who fell victim to all the horrible everyday struggles: Poverty, Depression, Betrayal, Suicide, Death, Or anything regarding the reality of how hard life really is. Whether you understand the hard work and struggle behind the music on this split release or not, in the end it all just doesn't matter. What you are about to hear is nothing but the truth pouring out of our very depths of our minds. With all this in mind I present to you the Kanashimi/Happy Days Split: The Great Depression II.