SADISTIK FOREST "Morbid Majesties" CD

SADISTIK FOREST "Morbid Majesties" CD
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    Price: $10.99
    Label: Transcending Obscurity
    Nation: Finland
    Style: Death Metal
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    Finnish death metal is known for its quality, and SADISTIK FOREST are another band to testify to that fact. They're gnarlier than their contemporaries and play a mix of death metal that not only pays homage to the genre's greats but also fuses the sound in a way that's refreshing and also powerful. Guttural vocals by ex-HOODED MENACE member soar over the music that borrows elements from doom as well as black metal and yet remains distinctly death metal in its sonic output. Pulsating and heaving like an anguished monster, SADISTIK FOREST's music rampages over the course of 35 minutes, leaving you beaten down, sore, and asking for more.