PAGANIZER "Land of Weeping Souls" Deluxe Digi CD

PAGANIZER "Land of Weeping Souls" Deluxe Digi CD
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    Label: Transcending Obscurity
    Nation: Sweden
    Style: Death Metal
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    This new 8-panel digipak versions includes the classic ‘Land of Weeping Souls’ material along with the acclaimed sold out EP ‘On The Outskirts of Hades’ with their respective artworks plus a brand new one made by Misanthropic Art. Includes two unreleased songs that won’t be available anywhere else! Don’t miss on this slab of Swedish death metal greatness. Undeniably their fiercest and tightest recording yet, this new album, their 10th full length, is a huge leap ahead. Each of the songs retain the classic Swedish riffing appeal and is enhanced by accelerated drumming, heaving hooks and even a rabid thrash metal influence. In the words of Rogga Johansson himself, “the new album is the best Paganizer album, death fucking metal the way it is supposed to be done”.