STEEL ASSASSIN "War of the Eight Saints" CD

STEEL ASSASSIN "War of the Eight Saints" CD
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    Label: Sentinel Steel
    Nation: USA
    Style: Heavy Metal
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    Formed as a cover band in 1980, the group officially became STEEL ASSASSIN in 1983, appearing on Metal Massacre 6 in 1985. Despite acclaimed true metal demo tapes and live shows in the early/mid '80s, the band disbanded in 1985, a brief reunion in 1988 keeping the STEEL ASSASSIN name alive. The band members continued on in other projects, with 2005 finally bringing 4 of the 5 original members back together again, resulting in heavy writing and rehearsal sessions for the War of the Eight Saints album. New lead singer John Falzone (Triphammer) was added to the line-up, and Rich Spillberg (Wargasm) handled the engineering and production duties. The result is a masterpiece nearly 25 years in the making; a devastating new album of US traditional epic/true power metal at its masterful best. Singer Falzone is a stunning singer in the explosive Dio/Dickinson/Soto style, and when coupled with STEEL ASSASSIN's strong musicianship, catchy songs and intelligent lyrics based on history and mythology, War of the Eight Saints may be THE traditional power metal album of 2007.