DAYS 'N' DAZE / POTBELLY "Oogles & Doogles Punx & Drunx 2" 7" EP

DAYS 'N' DAZE / POTBELLY "Oogles & Doogles Punx & Drunx 2" 7" EP
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    Label: PIG Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Crust / Thrash / Hardcore Punk Rock
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    The second Volume of Oogles & Doogles has finally arrived!

       Let the standoff between Houston’s most legendary folk punk band Days ‘N’ Daze and their counter-intelligence, Whidbey Island Washington’s hilarious Potbelly resume. Volume One sold out in five days time. (A repress is in the cards.) ‘Could It Be You?’ Potbelly begs to question. Feeling as though ‘Humanity Is Lost,’ Potbelly foolishly relinquishes the reigns to Days ‘n’ Daze and before you know it ‘World War 3’ breaks out. In the midst of the nuclear mist rumors abound that Days & Daze may have been signed by Fat Wreck Records and that Potbelly has inked up for another year with PIG. This will be a collector’s item and Days & Daze will soon be a household name. Perhaps, Volume 3?

    ”With a knack for melody and great songwriting, the group maintains a DIY punk ethic.” - PeteVincelli/PunkNews.Org (Days ‘N’ Daze)
    ”I love this record!” - Zach from Sputnik Music describing ‘Rogue Taxidermy’ by Days & Daze
    ”Potbelly, a band for the ages.” - Free Press Crotia (Hrvoje Bubic)

    * Days & Daze have a new contract with Fat Wreck Records!
    * Days & Daze are on tour with Left Over Crack and have played with Weezer.
    * Days & Daze has 21,000+ YouTube Subscribers.
    * Vinyl limited to 1,00 copies world-wide!
    * Potbelly continue to tour and release new product at a torrid pace!
    * The previous volume of “Oogles & Doogles Punx & Drunx” sold out.
    * This volume includes bands from Washington & Texas.

    Track Listing:
    1. Potbelly “Could It Be You?”
    2. Potbelly “Humanity Is Lost”
    3. Days & Daze “World War 3”

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