V/A "Four Way Split Fucking 7”ep" 7" EP

V/A "Four Way Split Fucking 7”ep" 7" EP
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    Label: PIG Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Punk / Hardcore / Rock
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    West Coast legends Fang from East Bay in Oakland and Potbelly from Seattle take on the world and Billy Club from Englund takes on the fight on behalf of the Queen, God Save Her! Fang opens up the battle with “This Means War” followed by a drunken salute from Potbelly. Fang is now creeping towards their fourth decade of performing punk rock, while Potbelly creeps towards their third decade. Born Sick is a hardcore punk band based around recovery and sober partying. “Drugs and Alcohol once ruled our lives.” In 1995 Billy Club formed in Lancashire Englund and have been going very strong for 23 plus years. Billy Club features former Exploited, UK Subs, Broken Bones and GBH member Karl Morris on guitar.

    “Billyclub’s stock in trade is fast-paced aggressive hardcore with a hint of metal, pitched somewhere between Discharge and Motorhead" -Violated Magazine
    “Potbelly’s longevity and productivity wouldn’t be possible without this passion.” -Whidbey News
    “Fang never received the attention that some of their colleagues did…their shows could riff and snarl with the best of ‘em” -Greg Pato (All Music Guide)
    “If you’ve ever been tormented by heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine or alcohol you will relate to Born Sick’s songs.” -Wilkepedia

    * Karl Morris of Billyclub is well known for his participation in Exploited, UK Subs, Broken Bones and GBH.
    * Fang’s “I Wanna Be On TV” was covered by Green Day.
    * Born Sick deliver a much needed message of sobriety.
    * Potbelly now have over 100 different releases on the market.

    Track Listing:
    1. Fang “This Means War”
    2. Potbelly “Drunk Salute”
    3. Born Sick “No Fi”
    4. Billyclub “Don’t Judge Me”