FLAMES OF HELL “Fire And Steel” CD

FLAMES OF HELL “Fire And Steel” CD
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    Price: $11.99
    Label: Iron Goat Commando
    Nation: Iceland
    Style: Satanic Black Metal
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    Released in 1987 and limited to 1000 vinyls of it’s original and thus far, only known pressing, the only full length by Flames Of Hell fits right into the loose but firmly enshrined tradition what many now know as the ‘pre-second-wave’ of black metal. Musically, Flames Of Hell have the primitive, ‘unlearned’ approach of Hellhammer, though with an attitude that evokes the engaging, catchy, rock-steady rhythmic approach of Venom and Motorhead. With this is a execution that is chaotic and frenetic, much like Tormentor’s '7th Day Of Doom’ demo.