BLACK DEATH "Black Death" CD

BLACK DEATH "Black Death" CD
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    Price: $9.99
    Label: Hells headbangers
    Nation: USA
    Style: Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal / Black Thrash
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    A special, LONG-overdue reissue of BLACK DEATH's self-titled debut album. Highly sought after by collectors, not only is Black Death a crucial piece in the rich history of Cleveland heavy metal, its original 1984 release marks the first full-length by an all-African-American heavy metal band. More than that, with the band's origins dating back to 1977, BLACK DEATH are largely known to be the first African-American metal band. But most of all, BLACK DEATH's lone album is a fucking classic of raw 'n' wild HEAVY fucking METAL with a thirst for the epic and dramatic. Includes the full "Black Death"+ the two-song 7" as bonus!