MOURNING MIST "Mourning Mist" CD

MOURNING MIST "Mourning Mist" CD
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    Stepping a bit outside the boundaries of black metal, FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS has opened up a bit and was compelled by the dark nature of an unknown band from Italy called MOURNING MIST. Fronted by a violin player named Ecnerual, the band has a very avant-garde nature about it while still being nicely arranged with darker atmospheres. Lyrically dripping with misanthropic topics on mankind and its existence, those of us who enjoy black metal but are also into the darker side of music in general will find MOURNING MIST to their liking.

    To point out the best qualities of the band, let's start with the production: it has a nice old feeling to it, and everything is very comprehensible in the mix. Second, there are no problems maintaining your interest, with plenty of quality musicianship and writing of a dark nature. Thirdly, the musical output is not limited to any one style: there are remnants of plenty going on, from doom to fast, mid-paced to atmospheric, so on and so forth. In other words, there is plenty to keep your interest within this realm of sorrow and decay.

    Kvasir plays bass for MOURNING MIST and is better known for his bands Profezia and Abhor.