OMEGA "Eve" Digi CD

OMEGA "Eve" Digi CD
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    Price: $11.99
    Label: Dusktone
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Black / Doom / Ambient Metal
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    Dark, Ambient blend of Atmospheric Black and Doom Metal. The band’s aim is to create an oppressive atmosphere, dragging the listener to an obsessively dark place, far away from reality. One finds themselves annihilated, in an unworldly dimension. “Eve” is not a simple album- rather it is a subconscious experience, an atavistic expression that tends to destroy our deepest limiting and prohibitive convictions. OMEGA based this monumental work on the baffling Voynich Manuscripts, in order to bring all into the world of shadows. Mystery appears in its’ mystical essence, merely long enough to glimpse the unknown.