EGO DEPTHS "Dýrtangle" Digi CD

EGO DEPTHS "Dýrtangle" Digi CD
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    Label: Dusktone
    Nation: Ukraine
    Style: Funeral Doom Metal
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    The extreme funeral doom act Ego Depths fourth full length album! The album name comes from an imaginary world and being a play of words, cannot be translated correctly through words. However, dyr is “a beast” in Old Norse language, and “tangle”, its English roots, sends us to “entanglement”. So literally it means “in rough embrace of the beast”. Some similar notes may be found in coming of Indian Buddhism to Tibet, transforming the “beasts” or so-called “evil, wrathful deities” into the guardian of the fused, new Tibetan Buddhism. Besides the traditional instruments, like guitar, bass and drums, the mind behind Ego Depths uses different styles of vocals, including growl, screaming, whispers and clean tone, but as well he tries to employ throat singing, which “Dyrtangle” will contain a lot. Chanting, beside the growls and overall extreme funeral doom metal ambience, Stigmatheist want to create something new. Something that has not been explored before.