FORNICUS "Hymns of Dominion" CD Lim. Ed. 300 w/ Sticker

FORNICUS "Hymns of Dominion" CD Lim. Ed. 300 w/ Sticker
    Code: DHR037
    Price: $9.99
    Label: Dark Horizon Records
    Nation: United States
    Style: Blackened War Death Metal
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    FORNICUS Attacks with a Vengeance! Blackened War Death Metal at it's finest! The music of FORNICUS is the aural toxic fumes of war and death upon you! You may sense an essence of Dissection, hints of Celtic Frost blending with a violent atmosphere like that of Blasphemy or Black Witchery and leaving a taste of the vulgarity of Typhus! FORNICUS is as unique as it is harsh and aggressive. They stand alone carving a new path within the War Metal genre. Well played with great production and leaving all mangled within their tank tracks. Inspired by the best and sure to become one of the best. FORNICUS have created and album worthy to sit next to your classics! This is a must! This first pressing on JEWEL CASE CD is Limited to 300 Copies and exclusively available through DARK HORIZON RECORDS! Comes with a 4" x 4" Album Art Full Color Vinyl Sticker and packaged in a crystal clear poly bag. RECOMMENDED IF YOU KILL FOR: Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Typhus, MGLA, Sith, Rest, Underdark, Aosoth, Deiphago, Malign, Baptism, Destroyer 666, Dissection, God Dethroned, Celtic Frost...