NECROPHILE "Mementos in the Misting Woods" CD

NECROPHILE "Mementos in the Misting Woods" CD
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    Formed in 1987, Necrophile released two demos (in 1988 and 1989), a single-EP, “Dissociated Modernity” (in 1991) and a split with Singapore’s Black/Death metal band Abhorer (in 1991). Necrophile also appeared on the “Weird Tales of Madness Vol. I” compilation with Tormentor, Atrocious, Funebre, Phlegethon and Desolation. Dark Descent Records is proud to announce the definitive Necrophile collection titled “Mementos in the Misting Woods”. Playing a style that can be classified as "thrashy death," Necrophile included members of early Japanese pioneering bands such as Criminal Christ, Messiah Death, Transgressor and more.