CHAPEL OF ASTAROTH Book by Russell "Lord Matzigkeitus" Drury

CHAPEL OF ASTAROTH Book by Russell "Lord Matzigkeitus" Drury
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    Style: Black Metal Poetry
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    “Chapel of Astaroth” is the second book of dark, cruel and visceral poetry written by Russell “Lörd Matzigkeitus” Drury. What marks this from its predecessor is that herein is the inclusion of his first Shakespearean operetta “Visits from the NightHag” which spawned an additional 8 sweeping, macabre tales and has become his legacy. Not since the master himself has poetry and prose been woven together so seemlessly as the bloody sage of Nightterror, sleep paralysis and death LM paints here. Apart from this, you’ll find a lurid array of poetry that transcribes the irretrievable pain and suffering of a complex and bizarre Black Metal Maestro. Domination/submission, suicidal voids, Satanic virtue/indulgence, grief, loss and salacious hungers are locked inside these pages. Unknown lyrics otherwise unpublished have also been lain to rest here; The Projectionist, The Black Sorcery, Thy Sepulchral Moon and others..... Place your wandering mind into the cerebellum of one of Black Metal’s most eloquently unhinged madmen, there is much to tell......