MERRIMACK "Obsecrations To The Horned" Gatefold 2xLP

MERRIMACK "Obsecrations To The Horned" Gatefold 2xLP
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    Price: $27.99
    Label: Back on Black / Moribund
    Nation: France
    Style: Black Metal
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    VERY LIMITED!!! We only have 5 copies of this deluce Gatefold LP Re-issue!

    Originally released in 2004, the essential MERRIMACK compilation for any Black Metal fan: Obsecrations To The Horned! The name Merrimack comes from an ancient Celtic language and means "depth of Hell" or "Hellpit," which perfectly describes the sound this excellent band exude. SIDE A 1. Intro 2. Asgard, Kingdom Of Nordic Gods 3. Unholy God Of The Past 4. The Myth Of Avallon SIDE B 5. Interlude I 6. Running To The Dark 7. Interlude II 8. Malleus Maleficarum 9. Interlude III 10. Outro SIDE C 11. Eresia 12. Apostasy 13. The Sabbath’s Celebration 14. Farewell To My Land SIDE D 15. Into 16. Noigel 17. Paedophilic Orgasmatron 18. Live The Lie 19. Sanctum Regnum

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