NOTICE of Unethical business practices by paypal:

Like thousands of business now, we are not accepting PayPal. We apologize for the inconvenience; we do still accept all major credit cards, western union and other forms of payment! 'Due to the nature of activities' on our website (not our web-store), PayPal has permanently restricted our business account. We were given no options to correct this issue; we may safely assume that this arbitrary action is based on our affiliation with the Church of Satan and our evocation of the right to free-speech, which we've championed for, through production and publication of Satanic Heavy Metal. We take such unethical business practices very seriously and will no longer be supporting PayPal as a result of their policies and practices. As a Satanist owned and operated business, we will not cater to, nor will we continue to engage with companies or individuals that compromise our freedoms, integrity and/or the security and confidence of our customers. For basic Organizational Principles & additional reference please visit the C.O.S. official website:

Upon researching the disreputable activity by PayPal, we are finding that the company has been engaged in actively committing various acts of 'harassment' since being instituted- not just with business accounts but private and individual accounts as well, and by the tens of thousands! Do a web-search and inform yourself!