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Long-running Italian occult rock black metallers PROFEZIA make their highly anticipated return with “Dodekaprofeton”, their landmark 3rd album! A veritable line-up of “who’s-who” in the Italian Metal scene, PROFEZIA features such luminaries as Kvasir (Abhor, Mourning Mist), Domine Saevum Graven (Abhor, ex-Sophus, ex-Oraculum), Ynleborgaz (Angantyr, Make a Change... Kill Yourself) and Marco De Rosa (Opera IX, The True Endless, Skoll, Darkness) here giving his Final vocal performance Anno Domini! The album also features a plethora of session performers including Ravenlord (Woods of Infinity), Nequam (Mortuary Drape) and Leonardo Lonnerbach among other luminaries.

Breaking all preconceptions and norms of what “Black Metal” IS, PROFEZIA returns with an Epic – Awe Inspiring new opus more in common with Italian Dark-wave and Neo-Opera than Metal proper! Sorrowful frenzied gusts of violin melodies accompany harmonic, yet harsh atmospheric Black Metal, creating a melancholic mood that undeniably entrances all listeners! Anti-theistic lyrics are taken straight from the old testament to defy our modern era! The harmonious use of modern and classical instruments is bolstered only by vigilant song writing, making PROFEZIA an excellent study in the ways of classic Italian Black Metal.  The new soundtrack for the Italian Nation, or the culmination of 23+ years of Italian Occult Metal mastery - “Dodekaprofeton” achieves both!


"Profezia has a unique eeriness to them. The style is ambient in its brutality - that is, if your idea of ambiance is a haunted mental institution" -


* Highly anticipated fourth album from the Italian Avant-Garde Black Metal gods !!!
* Mastered by Devo Anderson at Endarker Studios (Marduk)!
* Recorded at Vinum Sabbati Studios (Abhor)!
* Limited Edition 6-panel A5 digipak!
* Features members of cult Italian BM acts Abhor, Opera IX, Mortuary Drape, Mourning Mist, Angantyr, Woods of Infinity & The True Endless!
* Insane guest vocal performance by Ravenlord (woods of infinity)!
* Vocal recital by Nequam (Mortuarly Drape) on “Jonah” performing with a theatre style.
* Features the FINAL vocals recorded by Marco De Rosa r.i.p. (Opera IX, The True Endless, Skoll, Darkness)!
* Mandatory for fans of My Dying Bride, Abhor, Summoning, Burzum, Rotting Christ and Mortuary Drape!


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Track Listing:

1. Malachi 9:17
2. Nahum 12:01
3. Amos 4:49
4. Obadiah 3:13
5. Jonah 3:27
6. Zechariah 5:54
7. Zephaniah 17:42